About Me

Currently I live in the wonderful city of Fort Collins, where I spend most of my time exploring the world of computers or dreaming about fly-fishing the Poudre River. I also enjoy climbing big rocks, sleeping outside, or really just doing anything so long as it's above 5000 feet. Everything I am today is a gift from God, and everything I do tomorrow is my way of saying thanks to Him.

Fishing in Estes Park Climbing Mt. Bierstadt My wife and I Climbing Pikes Peak with Garrett Ben and Jerry's My family and I in Ephesus


I usually like to write as a form of note-taking, and only when I have the spare time (which is rarely). However, you can take a look at my not-so-updated blog if the mood ever strikes you. Recently I've written about Use Wordpress Markdown Support To Write Cleaner Posts, Faster, Automatically Backup Files to Amazon Cloud for Less Than $1 Per Month, and Never Lose Data Again With 3-2-1 Automated Data Backup System .


I like to think that it's pretty easy to get a hold of me. You can email me at ktraff@gmail.com or use of one the many social networking sites that I check from time to time. Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are the ones I use the most.

I also like to code with friends. Stack Overflow and GitHub are great places to do this; let me know if you are interested in making the world a better place, one expression at a time.